Keaira Anderson addresses attendees at the December 2019 Developer Showcase.

On December 12th, residents and stakeholders gathered to receive project updates from developers. Specifically, larger scaled projects that requested tax incentives from the City of St. Louis. The evening started with an overview of the West End Planning process, a call for applications to the interim Development Review Committee (DRC) which is currently underway, and then an explanation of the Showcase. The purpose of the Showcase was to inform the West End body of current projects, as well as to provide a space for the developers and project leaders to connect with the community, listen and respond to questions, feedback, and areas of opportunity via Q and A. While the projects presented at the December 2019 Showcase, did not require feedback from the public prior to applying for tax credits, with the aldermanic endorsement, future proposals for the West End will be required to present before the DRC.

The DRC is an interim entity that will review West End development proposals and thereafter, submit recommendations to all three Alderpersons. For questions, please contact Keaira Anderson at

Highlights from the evening: residents and homeowners reach an understanding of qualifications and requirements for development processes.

Five presentations where given